You Are Boundless

As many of us are choosing or advised to keep staying at home we have developed some arts projects to create and connect in new ways. We’ve called them Boundless, as even in times of isolation our imaginations have no limits. Read on…

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 17.07.18

The first projects are; Holler make a postcard, send a postcard, receive a postcard. Create whatever takes your fancy on the back; maybe a poem, drawing, doodle, short story, stitch, collage, or print? There is no wrong response. Cookbook stuffed with your recipes, memories and responses to your favourite dishes. Beautifully printed, all participants will receive their own copy. Flickerbook with guidance from us take just one photo. We will merge the photos from participants in a flip book that, when seen together, create a dance. Record Collection a gather up of songs that lift us, bring comfort, joy or kinship, and your associations with the songs you suggest. Keeping music making in our lives this collection will create a lockdown songbook, playlist and hopefully some recordings of your voice too.

We hope you will be part of all, one, or some of the Boundless projects. Once you are on our mailing list we will post you an invitation as each project begins. Please write, call or text us to be included. We promise not to send you any other mail. Taking part in Boundless is free, there’s no need to live in West Lothian and you most definitely do not need the internet or a smart phone to take part. Our artists and volunteers will guide you along the way.

Boundless is supported by Foundation Scotland.